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My Mission

Let’s have a Career Breakthrough by taking Complete Control of our Career & Life, right now, right here!

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I Value

Career Growth

Financial Independence

Personal Brand

Self Contribution

Now, when I say Career Growth means you build Your Personal Power by 6 P’s. Now let me tell you it can be done at any level, in any organization with any profile.

• Personality
You know Yourself, Your Value System and aware about Self Personality traits
• Performance
You know your role in Job and results to be delivered
• Preparation
You know your worth and you develop high income skills
• Prosper
You earn, manage & invest money regularly
• Positioning
You build Your Personal Brand and Attract huge opportunities
• Parallel
You create balance in Work & Life

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The Mission

I am on Mission to help and guide 1Lac Millennial to live a Successful & Freedom Lifestyle through unlocking their true potential in careers & Life.

Through Manish’s programs on Career Breakthrough Seminar, Peak Performance Team Coaching,& Learning & Development Interventions, he teaches professionals that they have ultimate control over their minds, career, and lives, and all the power to free themselves, their reality, lies within them itself, right now, right here!

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