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Every-time, When I am on the Stage and look into the eyes of my audience. I feel that I have got New Birth. Each Birth teaches me something unique about life. When I see overjoyed & happy faces of people after training, I feel like Yes this is what actually I was searching for. I pursue myself when I am in between the people. Speaking on stage is my action steps for meditation. Living My Dream from last couple of years and want to taste juice of life continuously.

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People say…

Dear Mr Manish Upadhyay,
Great training! Interesting interactive, entertaining and truly motivating!! We thank you very much and hope to meet you soon once again. Keep it up!!
rahul waghale
Prof. Rahul Waghale
T&P Officer S.D.College of Engineering, Wardha

Respected Sir,
I really enjoyed your session. I learned lots of many things from you. This is my 2nd time that I have attended your Trainings. Hope I will get the same chance to attend this and learn new things.
Miss V. S. Gemnani
Miss V.S.Gemnani
Lecturer in Polytechnic College.

There always times comes in our life when we gets puzzle, don’t knows the direction that should be follow , feels uncertain and helpless. I was the same before got sight with Manish sir.
Yogesh Joshi
Yogesh Joshi
Asst. Professor (Mechanical Engg), DMIETR, Wardha

We decided to hire Manish Upadhyay again because we find his training resources great – He fill the team with renewed energy when things start sounding a little stale and flat at work and we need to re-invent ourselves by finding a fresh approach to things”. Thank you yet again Manish..!
Viren Thakkar
Viren Thakkar
Director TINUP Trade Links

Participating in your training program was an awesome experience! Never thought training could be interesting and fulfilling!b
Preshit Ambhore
Preshit Ambhore
LP[I]Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Manish Sir,
We’d like to put it on record that that we are highly satisfied with the training workshop which you conducted two times for our employees. Your approach seemed effecting and made the training very interesting. Thanks for quick response and ‘Live attitude’ every time. Great Job
sameer fuley
Sameer Fuley

Thank you thank you so much for providing us such excellent opportunity, in which we analysis ourself where we stand in the huge company selection competition.Place like Wardha where we are totally unknown about the facts ,what is market demands.
Aditya Jadhao
Aditya Jadhao
IGATE-Patni Global Solutions, Pune

Its easy to learn from books. Once my situation was full of confusion in graduation life.Success was not in my hands i was a little bit in stress like situation at that time i had interacted Manish Sir from that day till now i never turn back.
Suraj H.Pande
Suraj H.Pande
Mechanical Engineer, IEPL TPS 2×270 MW BELA, Nagpur

As a Student and an Engineer I have attended many training sessions but I always found your program quite HATKE.The things in your modules seem to be real.You do not teach but make us learn life lessons.Its really great experience to be a part of your training.
Gaurav Tidke
Gaurav Tidke
Mechanical Engineer, Daman

श्री मनीष उपाध्याय,
पहले परिचय में प्रभावित करने वाला व्यक्तित्व, अपने विषय को पूरी कुशलता से अभिव्यक्त करने में योग्य, मार्गदर्शन करने की अद्भुत शैली आज भी हम सबको एक दिशा दे रही है, भविष्य में कभी फिर से उनका सहयोग हमारे छात्रों को मिलेगा। इसी कामना के साथ अनेक शुभकामनाये।
डॉ मीनाक्षी जोशी
डॉ मीनाक्षी जोशी
हिंदी विधागाध्यक्ष, महाराष्ट राज्य हिंदी साहित्य ऐकेडिमी पुरस्कार विजेता

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