Spark “Make Your First Impression as Everlasting Impression”

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Give Jaduu Ki Jhappi to student’s Failures and Spark their Energy, Leadership Skills & Motives for ACTION..!!!At the End of the Program Student will :Think Differently & Act Freely, Start Feeling the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’, Start understanding their Strengths, Discover their Ideal Path for Success

Varta-Labh “Complete Offerings of Communication Skills”

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Communication makes the world go round! Success in large part is dependent on your ability to communicate. You may be the best at what you do, but if you can’t communicate it effectively with teachers, clients, staff and the market, an opportunity may be passing you by! In communication skills training workshop we will teach you to LISTEN & INTERPRET; to be concise, confident, & effective with help of scientific and interactive tools. The result a new YOU, confident to face the world!

Group Discussion “A Complete Employability Focused Training Program”

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GD helps recruiter or authority to gauge your personality traits and skills that they desire in their ideal candidate. This training is targeted at students & those in the job market. We’ll take you through several mock GD sessions to strengthen your personality through correct body language, communications skills, and fine-tuning other aspects of your personality so that you come across as an adept pro; ready to fit in any environment; and function efficiently in any team.

Parichay “Specially for New-comer who want to know about Personality Development & Soft Skills”

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Ten percent of all the learning happens in traditional classrooms environment. The rest happens outside the class room; learning of life skills that prepare you for success. And this is what the focus on this program is. Imagine life without Direction. Build your success & achievements by setting your Goals & creating a Gladiator’s Attitude

Youth-Guru Bhai “A Super-Faddu Power-Talk on Entrepreneurship for Budding Graduates”

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Are You a budding Entrepreneur looking whose head is hunting: 3Ds of Life, How to Turn Ideas into Business, Know the Basics of Business, Why Entrepreneurship, Sexiest Relationship between Risk & Opportunity.

KARM-KUNDALI A Specially designed Power-Talk on Resume Building

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Interview ka Naya View: Give a New View to Your Interview by a Experienced Professional

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This is the most crucial threshold for individuals who’re about to start their career. We train you to face interviews without any fear or anxiety and live up to the impression your resume creates for you. On many occasions employers are disappointed when they meet interviewee in person. This happens because their resume or CV projects an image that they aren’t. Once you train with us we’ll make sure that it never happens with you.

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