Bindaas Hokar Bol : “Jo Dikhta hai Vo Bikta hai..Aur Jo Bolta hai Vo hi Chalta Hai”..Manish Upadhyay
“Communication & Public Speaking Program for any students”

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Involve in the Journey of Stutter from FEAR to FABULAS: Get the understanding of ABC of Communication, Get Practical & useful tricks for converting Fear into excitement, Know ‘Why You do..what You do’ in Public Speaking, How to take Extra-Edge on Body Language, Apply ‘Mind-Management’ Principle in Communication Skills, Unleash your strengths & best quality in Presentation Skills

Date With Dream

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This offering is for those who want Kick start motivation for their Life or Career. It is GET-SET-GO Program for everyone. Through this two hour management motivational Power-Talk session, participants can be transform into a motivated, full of action team ready to GO; approach everyday situations with a positive mindset. It can be easily fit in event/conference or review meet. This program helps people at all levels. Give a Learning & High energy gift to sales team. I make sure that the environment I create buzzes with ideas and innovations as the session concludes.

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