Abhishek Mathur
Not the first time but everytime and anytime I have a discussion or small chat , you have always motivated me .The aura that you generate have to positive vibration and specially today I got the answers to my doubt/thought’s.

……..Abhishek Mathur, Sr. Associate- Flying Penguins

Pooja Sharma
The session was motivational, inspiring and life changing. I will now never ever feel anything less about me. Thank you Manish sir for such a motivational & life changing training.

……..Pooja Sharma, Digital marketing consultant

Amit Tiwari
The session was extremely fun for the team & engaging throughout its span. Although the session lashed for 2 hr. the participants always achieve combination of textual ,visual & physical involvement in the session kept the imagination of the participant captured & stimulated. Thank you for the amazing session,hope& wish to have you here more often.

……..Amit Tiwari, CTO-Flying Penguins

Viren Thakkar
We decided to hire Manish Upadhyay again because we find his training resources great – He fill the team with renewed energy when things start sounding a little stale and flat at work and we need to re-invent ourselves by finding a fresh approach to things”. Thank you yet again Manish..!

……..Viren Thakkar, Director, TINUP Trade Links


Sameer Fuley

Dear Manish Sir,
We’d like to put it on record that that we are highly satisfied with the training workshop which you conducted two times for our employees. Your approach seemed effecting and made the training very interesting. Thanks for quick response and ‘Live attitude’ every time. Great Job….

……… Sameer Fuley, HR Manager, LOGISTICS PARK (INDIA) PVT. LTD.



Dear Manish,
It was wonderful knowing you these two days while learning NLP with me. It’s been a good association. What is striking is your way of being…in the most
truthful way that falls in line with you becoming a world class entrepreneur. I am attracted to your enthusiasm and child like curiosity which is one of the qualities of a good learner and leader. My best wishes to you in this journey of training and a budding entrepreneur. Like Gandhiji said keep shaking the world gently.

………R.Ramesh Prasad,NLP Trainer, ONE-FLUENCER, Chennai


Rahul Waghale

Dear Mr Manish Upadhyay,
Great training! Interesting interactive, entertaining and truly motivating!! We thank you very much and hope to meet you soon once again. Keep it up!!


…….Prof. Rahul Waghale, T&P Officer, S.D.College of Engineering, Wardha


Meenakshi Joshi

श्री मनीष उपाध्याय,
पहले परिचय में प्रभावित करने वाला व्यक्तित्व, अपने विषय को पूरी कुशलता से अभिव्यक्त करने में योग्य, मार्गदर्शन करने की अद्भुत शैली आज भी हम सबको एक दिशा दे रही है, भविष्य में कभी फिर से उनका सहयोग हमारे छात्रों को मिलेगा। इसी कामना के साथ अनेक शुभकामनाये।


…….डॉ मीनाक्षी जोशी, हिंदी विधागाध्यक्ष, महाराष्ट राज्य हिंदी साहित्य ऐकेडिमी पुरस्कार विजेता


Prof. S. Lambat

On this Earth for every human being, god has enlighten the way for living his life fully, that almighty provided the surrounding from which everyone are running.. Manish Sir, your training gives the same feeling and environment for the student..and make them more energetic and realistic for their career.


…….Prof. S. Lambat (H.O.D. of E & TC Dept.), Polytechnic College


Prekshit Ambhore
Participating in your training program was an awesome experience! Never thought training could be interesting and fulfilling!



…..Preshit Ambhore, LP[I]Pvt. Ltd.


Sanjay Balki It was great attending your training program. One of my friends (your fan!) gave me your reference and it was indeed a very positive session. Thank you sir.



…….Sanjay D. Balki, Corporate Training Participant,LP,Nagpur


Amit Ramteke You rightly call your training programs enter-training! Packed with useful Informative tips for career and life. Thank you very much sir… you are too good!



…….Amit Ramteke, Corporate Training Participants, TINUP Trade Links

Vini GemnaniRespected Sir,
I really enjoyed your session. I learned lots of many things from you. This is my 2nd time that I have attended your Trainings. Hope I will get the same chance to attend this and learn new things.

…….Miss V.S.Gemnani, Lecturer in Polytechnic College.


Milind Ashtikar “Mr Manish is very knowledgeable and his practical and innovative approach has really helped me in my professional life and my workplace, he not only
sensitise the different key aspects and skill but at the same time he also provides the structured implementation strategy for effective implementation. Best of Luck for future assignments. I may require your One to One Coaching in future too in Critical Situations.

…….Milind Ashtikar, Zonal Trainer, L&D Division, MAGMAFINCORP,Mumbai


Sandeep Gaikwad “Trainer who Stick to Reality, Explain actively and Act friendly…is Manish Sir… Great Learnings”



…….Sandeep Gaikwad,Director,MMM Revolutions


Sagar Khubchandani “Happiness is when I met with You Sir….DIL SE…Thank You”



…..Sagar Khubchandani, NGO Training Participant


Yogesh Joshi There always times comes in our life when we gets puzzle, don’t knows the direction that should be follow , feels uncertain and helpless. I was the same before got sight with Manish sir.


…..Yogesh Joshi, Asst. Professor (Mechanical Engg),DMIETR,Wardha


Aditya Jadhao Thank you thank you so much for providing us such excellent opportunity, in which we analysis ourself where we stand in the huge company selection competition.Place like Wardha where we are totally unknown about the facts ,what is market demands.


…..Aditya Jadhao, IGATE-Patni Global Solutions, Pune


Suraj Pande Its easy to learn from books. Once my situation was full of confusion in graduation life.Success was not in my hands i was a little bit in stress like situation at that time i had interacted Manish Sir from that day till now i never turn back.


…..Suraj H.Pande, Mechanical Engineer,IEPL TPS 2×270 MW BELA,Nagpur


Gaurav Tidke As a Student and an Engineer I have attended many training sessions but I always found your program quite HATKE.The things in your modules seem to be real.You do not teach but make us learn life lessons.Its really great experience to be a part of your training.


…..Gaurav Tidke, Mechanical Engineer,Daman


Sir your training is truly motivated us to develop skill to face any situation, confidence & performance in any field…Now I can make my self according to my goal…..your awaken training is really necessity for now day’s people….Thank you for being with us…

…….Prof. A. Kawley Lecturer, Engg. College


In the Power-talk, I learn all the things that improve my stage daring and how to communicate fluency with the people. Thank Sir for easy to apply tips.

…….Prajakta Prakash More,Student


Manish Sir,
We have been learned a lot things from you… and this was such a wonderful experience for me…It has helped us to improve our self and to set goal for our career.


…….Aakansha Maolode ,Student, ASP College, Wardha


“Having good Skills of explaining the things according to our level, at the time of Training. The One who really wants to learn & grow must attend your session at least once in his life.
Thank You Sir.”

…….Nitin Dekate NGO Training Participant


We are very thankful to you for preferring & accepting our invitation on such a short notice and at the same time setting aside other invitations. The Inaugural Power-Talk was exemplary and the inspiration that you generated on that day was one that had never happened before from other speakers. The motivation and the importance that you imbibed on the group of students is such that they shall never forget it in near or far off future on that auspicious day of Guru poornima.

…….Prof. Ajay Mahavadiwar, HOD, TGPCET, Nagpur.


The Workshop conducted by Manish Sir was really effective for all Primary Class Teachers. These teachers need the appreciation always as their job is challengeable which they feel from this workshop. You have given very valuable inputs which will be helpful for us in Future.
Thank You So Much.

…….Mrs. Sayali Kashalkar, Academic In charge (Primary), School of Scholars, Yavatmaal.


I am very Thankful to You Sir for giving such a wonderful knowledge & experiences which always helpful for my profession & personal life too. Liked very much your Kit-Kat Breaks. This Breaks boosted my confidence like anything. Your behavior towards participants was awesome.
Thank You Sir.

…….Snehal Gaikwad, HDFC


My Personal view of Manish Sir is that he talks to participants like Miracles & attract towards him. Then he starts giving his valuable insights. His Personality is very unique. The explanation towards the people is very different and very unique. You are too good.

…….Roshan M. Kawale, HDFC


Hello sir!!!
I am writing this to tell you that I have got placed at TechMahindra and half of its credit goes to you sir… I have been benefited a lot from your suggestions… You first analyzed everything I said and told about my previous interviews. Then you gave me suggestions according to that and you also kept me positive by telling that i didn’t got rejected I was just not eligible for their job… Then you gave me some suggestions which were really great and helped me a lot… Thanking you sir for Your Training and Right Inputs at Right Time.!!!

…….Yash Mudliar, B.E. Final Year Student, YCCE, Nagpur


Dear Sir,
Its my privilege to be a part of your training program. The Way you conducts the Training is really inspiring. It’s not only motivational but it is a platform to identify our inside weaker areas.
Thanks a Ton!!

…….Ujwala Zode, Sr.Teacher, School of Scholar.


The ‘Soft-Skill Workshop’ conducted in our school was a New Hope for me. I have recently joined this organization and facing lots of professional problems. But After attending Your Program, I was able to connect the things discussed. Got the Solutions for my problems.
Thank You Sir !

…….S.M.Thakur, Jr. Teacher, School of Scholar.


Way of Presentation is very expressive…Cover all the skills which are must for teachers..Most Knowledgeable and interesting with great examples. Well Conducted and explained.

…….Vaishali Mahule, SOS Wardha


Awesome Training, Excellent for our Profession. I like it a lot and I always ready to attend these types of workshops in future too!!

…….Reena Raut, SOS

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